Lootbox is a virtual container that contains in-game items for Crash Force. These in-game items consist of decals, insignias, reset tokens, xp boosts, skins/boydkits, paints and lumen (in-game currency). You can earn Loot boxes by playing Crash Force, levelling up and winning games.

The Common Loot box:

The Common Loot box can drop up to 3 common items such as insignias and decals.

Devlog - Common Lootbox00:20

Devlog - Common Lootbox

The Uncommon Loot box

The Uncommon Lootbox can drop up to 4 common (insignias and decals) and uncommon items (Paints and Reset Tokens).

Devlog - Uncommon Lootbox-000:16

Devlog - Uncommon Lootbox-0

The Rare Loot box

The Rare Lootbox, which can drop up to 5 common (insignias and decals), uncommon items (Paints and Reset Tokens) and rare items (skins, lumen).

Devlog - Rare Lootbox00:20

Devlog - Rare Lootbox

The Legendary Loot box

The Legendary Lootbox can drop up to 5 common (insignias and decals), uncommon items (Paints and Reset Tokens), rare or legendary items (skins and lumen).

Devlog - Legendary Lootbox00:17

Devlog - Legendary Lootbox


When an item is a duplicate (as shown in the Rare Loot box video; the Spray paint is already pre-owned), the player is rewarded lumen instead of the duplicate item.


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