Control The Nest is a game mode in Crash Force.

About Control The Nest

In Control The Nest the players are split into two teams: the orange and the green team. Each team has to capture or defend various nest points.


Nest points are captured by standing on top of them. The speed at which a control point is captured depends on how many players from the capturing team are present on the point: two Green players capturing an Orange point will capture that point faster than only one Green player would.


If players from both teams are on the same, unlocked nest point, that point is said to be contested, which means no progress is made toward the nest point changing team control. When players from the offensive team are removed from the point all of their progress is lost gradually over time, not immediately.

Reverting capture

When both teams are trying to capture a neutral nest point, captures can be reverted. If a team begins to capture a neutral point and then is driven off before capture is completed, the other team must first "revert" the progress that the first team had made before they can begin to make progress of their own.

This game mode is not currently available.