Clava Jubatus is a hovercraft in Crash Force .


Clava Jubatus is the largest hovercraft in the Clava family. Jubatus excels in Engineering and Tanking, but lacks in Velocity and Skirmishing.


Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Rifle
Ability Rifle
Fires bullets that deal damage to enemies.
Damage: 25 Rate of Fire Per Second: 10

Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Trail Slash
Ability TrailSlash
Projectile that deals damage when it explodes.
Damage Per Hit: 35 Rate Of Fire Per Second: 10
Radius Explosion: 500

Keyboard Black 1/XboxOne X - Batwaves
Ability SmokeScreen
Jubatus calls forth nanobats that attach to all enemies in range, blinding them for a period of time.
Range: Spell Duration:
Blind Duration: Cool Down:
Energy Cost:

Keyboard Black 2/XboxOne Y - Gravity
Ability Gravity
Jubatus uses electromagnetic fields on its body in order to distort gravity in an area around it, rendering all enemies within unable to move.
Root Duration: Spell Duration:
Cool Down: Energy Cost:

Keyboard Black 3/XboxOne LB - Clava Necro
Ability ClavaNecro
Jubatus overcharges its body and releases that energy in a blast, destroying everything in its range.
Damage: Range:
Cool Down: Energy Cost:

Keyboard Black 4/XboxOne RB - Clava Echovision
Ability Echovision
Jubatus uses its supersonic sound frequencies to scan the area around it and reveal its enemies.
Duration: 7s Cool Down: 50s
Energy Cost: 100




Base Skin:


Rendered Images of Clava Jubatus


Clava Jubatus is related to Clava Diphylla and Clava Myotis

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