Cicuma Nebulosa is a hovercraft in Crash Force


Cicuma Nebulosa is the largest in size and slowest in the Cicuma family of hovercrafts. This hovercrafts has high Tanking and moderate Engineering properties, but lacks in Skirmishing and Velocity.


Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Rifle
Ability Rifle
Fires bullets that deal damage to enemies.
Damage: 25 Rate of Fire Per Second: 10

Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Sphere Blade
Ability SphereBlade
Projectile that deals damage when it explodes.
Damage Per Hit: 45 Rate Of Fire Per Second: 10
Radius Explosion: 500

Keyboard Black 1/XboxOne X - Bullet Charge
Ability BulletCharge
Nebulosa infuses its bullets with nanites making them much more powerful and lethal.
Extra Damage Per Bullet: Duration:
Cool Down: Energy Cost:

Keyboard Black 2/XboxOne Y - Hinder
Ability Hinder
Nebulosa releases the nanotech on its fuel tank to replenish the energy that is used instantaneous for a small period of time.
Energy Per Second: Duration:
Cool Down: 9

Keyboard Black 3/XboxOne LB - Cicuma Pulse
Ability Pulse
Nebulosa overcharges its nanite storage releasing them in one lethal blast.
Range: Damage:
Duration: Cool Down:
Energy Cost:

Keyboard Black 4/XboxOne RB - Cicuma Blend
Ability Blend
Nebulosa camouflages itself and blends in with the environment utilizing the nanites of its body.
Duration: 5s Cool Down: 25s
Energy Cost: 400




Base Skin:

Super Secret Stuff - Coming Soon


Super Secret Stuff - Coming Soon


Cicuma Nebulosa is related to Cicuma Pulsatrix and Coming Soon.

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