Cicuma Acadica is a hovercraft in Crash Force .


Cicuma Acadica is the small-sized hovercraft from the Cicuma family. Acadica is very weak in Tanking and Velocity, but excells in Skirmishing and Velocity.

Weapons & Abilities

Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT And Keyboard Black Mouse Right/XboxOne LT
Ability Rifle
Primary - Rifle: "Standard Rifle that shoots Bullets that deal 75 Damage Per Hit "
Ability FerrumPila
Secondary - Ferrum Pila: "Projectile missles that when explodes deals 125 Damage"

Keyboard Black 1/XboxOne X
Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - EMP Blast00:06

Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - EMP Blast

Ability EMP Acadica starts transmitting electrical noise in an area around it disabling all HUD information for all enemies in that area.
Stun Duration: 1.5s Spell Duration: 3s
Cool Down: 8s Energy Cost: 80

Keyboard Black 2/XboxOne Y
Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Thermomine00:10

Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Thermomine

Ability ThermoMines Acadica spawns a thermomine in its position that explodes on impact, heavily damaging the enemy that collided with it.
Mine Damage: 350 Mine Duration: 120s
Mine Radius of Explosion: 300 Cool Down: 4s
Energy Cost: 150 Mine Radius of Explosion: 300

Keyboard Black 3/XboxOne LB
Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Cicuma Shift00:04

Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Cicuma Shift

Ability Shift Acadica starts transmitting waves of noise in an area around it, that confuses the enemy, messing up their controls.
Confuced Duration: 2s Spell Duration: 2.5s
Radious: 495 Cool Down: 11s
Energy Cost: 220

Keyboard Black 4/XboxOne RB
Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Cicuma Blend00:08

Cicuma Acadica Ability Preview - Cicuma Blend

Ability Blend Acadica camouflages itself and blends in with the environment utilizing the nanites of its body.
Duration: 5s Cool Down: 25s
Energy Cost: 400






Gallery with rendered images of the Cicuma Acadica:


Acadica is related to Pulsatrix and Nebulosa

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