Aquila Audax is a hovercraft in Crash Force


Aquila Audax is the largest hovercraft in size in the Aquila family. Audax has moderate Skirmishing, low Engineering and Velocity, but has high Tanking properties.


Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Rifle
Ability Rifle
Fires bullets that deal damage to enemies.
Damage: 25 Rate of Fire Per Second: 10

Keyboard Black Mouse Left/XboxOne RT - Plasma Bolt
Ability PlasmaBolt
Projectile that deals damage when it explodes.
Damage Per Hit: 10 Rate Of Fire Per Second: 10
Radius Explosion: 500

Keyboard Black 1/XboxOne X - Hornet
Ability Hornet
Audax roots an enemy in place and then dashes to it.
Range: 1000 Root Duration: 5s
Cool Down: 30s Energy Cost: 300

Keyboard Black 2/XboxOne Y - Tranquility
Ability Tranquility
An aura emits from Audax, making all enemies in the area unable to cast their abilities.
Range: 460 Silence Duration: 6s
Cast Duration: 6s Cooldown: 30s
Energy Cost: 150

Keyboard Black 3/XboxOne LB - Aquila Claim
Ability Claim
Audax summons a mini black hole, drawing all enemies inside and massively damaging them.
Damage Per Second: 8, up to 10 Damage Range: 200
Pull range: 600 Root Duration: 10s
Cast Duration: 10s Cool Down: 120s
Energy Cost: 600

Keyboard Black 4/XboxOne RB - Aquila Wormhole
Ability AquilaWormhole
Audax instantly teleports a small distance, in the direction it sees.
Range: 280 Cool Down: 25s
Energy Cost: 500


Abilities Preview

1st Ability - Hornet

Ability Preview - Hornet00:05

Ability Preview - Hornet

2nd Ability - Tranquility

Ability Preview - Tranquility00:08

Ability Preview - Tranquility

3rd Ability - Aquila Claim

Ability Preview - Aquila Claim00:16

Ability Preview - Aquila Claim

4th Ability - Aquila Wormhole

Ability Preview - Aquila Wormhole (Aquila Audax)00:05

Ability Preview - Aquila Wormhole (Aquila Audax)

Abilities Gameplay Preview


Ability Preview - Hornet Gameplay00:10

Ability Preview - Hornet Gameplay

Tranquility and Aquila Claim

Ability Preview - Tranquility and Aquila Claim Gameplay00:22

Ability Preview - Tranquility and Aquila Claim Gameplay


Base Skin:

CCC2016 Skin:



Part of the Aquila family with Minuta and Rapax.

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